Terms & Conditions

Application Process:

Applicants are advised to carefully read the information leaflet provided before filling out the application form. The minimum requirement for admission to the MBBS program abroad is that the applicant must have achieved at least 50% overall in physics, chemistry, and biology, and 40% in the SC/ST and OBC categories. Along with the application, applicants must submit a notarized transcript, a copy of the academic certificate, and report card.

Verification and Submission:

Upon acceptance of the application by the university, the applicant must submit the original documents for verification to the Apostille of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Selected applicants must sign a contract with the New Vision University, Georgia (Authorised Admission Office) after paying the application fee. It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain a passport if not already available.

False Information:

If any information provided by the applicant in the application form is found to be false or incorrect, the application will be rejected, and appropriate action may be taken by the University. New Vision University, Georgia (Authorised Admission Office) Service will not be held responsible for any false information provided by the applicant. New Vision University, Georgia (Authorised Admission Office) Service reserves the right to take legal action and cancel the admission with no consequent responsibilities.

University Rules and Regulations:

Applicants must comply with the rules and regulations of the University. Non-compliance may have consequences, and the University will issue the admission letter only after thorough verification of the documents.

Qualification Certificate Application:

Applicants will be guided by the New Vision University, Georgia (Authorised Admission Office) Service to complete a qualification certificate application that must be submitted directly to the office of the Indian Medical Council in Dwarka, Delhi.

Visa Application:

The university admission notice does not guarantee visa acceptance. The embassy holds the sole discretion to accept or reject a visa application without providing a reason or explanation.

Tuition Fee Payment:

Applicants are encouraged to pay the tuition fee to the university within the specified time limit. The university reserves the right to refuse student admission if the fee is not paid.

Passport Submission and Refunds:

Applicants should submit their passport as soon as possible, as delays may affect the application process. Once the passport is submitted, students will not be able to request a refund of the fees paid.

Dispute Resolution:

All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of Chennai.


By engaging with the admission process of New Vision University, Georgia University and the services provided by New Vision University, Georgia (Authorised Admission Office), applicants agree to comply with these terms and conditions.